04 June 2007

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...

Billy wants out. Two words: Not Cool. Donovan ruffled feathers by leaving the Gators; he had a chance to establish a legacy, and he left that behind in order to pursue fame, glory, and the almighty dollar in the NBA.

Now he wants to come back to the Gators. But he’s already signed a contract with the Magic. Not Good Things, here.

Donovan has put everyone in a bad position with his waffling. The Magic, who have to decide between letting their first choice leave – and losing the revenue from the season tickets that have been selling like the proverbial hotcakes since his signing – and forcing their head coach to stay against his will.

The Gators, who had begun looking at new coaches – they had already interviewed former assistant Anthony Grant, and were reportedly also considering current assistant Larry Shyatt.

The candidates for the UF head coach position, who find themselves in a no-man’s land – having (with Grant, especially) already begun to burn their bridges behind them by simply being interested in another position, but now finding themselves with, potentially at least, no position to be interested in.

Lastly, and leastly in my consideration, Donovan, who will be battling the ghost of William Henry Harrison as he attempts to end his short reign as Magic head coach. A lot has been written about how much Donovan agonized over his decision to join the Magic; likewise, a lot was written about how he made the right choice.

Billy: this was the wrong choice.

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