20 June 2007


I've gotten a surprising number of emails regarding the last two posts - apparently, people really care about golf and lacrosse. Alternatively, they don't, but can't resist responding to my "moronity" (thanks, Tom from Nashville - you make Dixieland look smart... or not...).

Just in honor of Tom's vocabulary, we'll lead off with his email:
"The PGA should be embarrassed about Oakmont. Angel Cabrera wins it at plus-5? Who the [censored] is Angel Cabrera? That course was terrible, and so is Chris DiMarco, so will you admit that your pick was wrong?"

Well, Tom, I'm not sure exactly what Oakmont has to do with my pick, but I was wrong to choose DiMarco - clearly, Billy's waffling has exhausted the Gator karma I relied on. For the record, though, I liked the way the tournament played out. It was cool to see a winner who isn't either fanatically devoted to fitness (has anyone else noted that Tiger is starting to look like one of the guys from Under Armour?) or Lefty. Cabrera, with his gut and his grin, was a refreshing change of pace. Also nice: a course that rewarded skill, and punished stupidity. All four rounds, it seemed like whenever a player mishit a ball, he was immediately punished, and when he took a good shot, it paid off. This is how it should be. You could tell from players' faces how a shot had fared, because they knew even before it landed. It was a good week.

Second is Adam from Tallahassee, who says that
"The Gators Suck! What kind of karma are you talking about? DiMarco is a no-talent hack, Donovan is overrated, and you'll see exactly how overrated Tebow is when he's staring at the sky above Ben Hill Griffin stadium with Andre Fluellen standing over him. Go Noles!"

As I see it, there are two ways to respond to this email. The first would be to say something like "Oh, the Gators Suck [sic], do they? Did they suck when they beat FSU 21-14? Did they suck when they beat the consensus #1 team in the country, OSU, 41-14? Did they suck when they won the national championships in football and basketball? No, dude, I'll tell you who sucks - the team that finished 6-6 in the regular season and only finished above .500 by virtue of a win in the Emerald Bowl."

The second, of course, would be to take the classy road and just walk away (figuratively, of course; I'll keep sitting at my keyboard). That's what I'm going to do.

Third (and, in the interest of keeping this post to a reasonable length, last) is Charlie from Orlando, who has an interesting take on the Duke lacrosse case:
"This is just like OJ or Jacko - everybody knows they did it. They're getting off because they're rich and the case is on TV. If the Dookies were normal people, they would be in jail where they belong right now. Also, props on the NBA live blog from a couple weeks ago, you did a good job."

Well, Charlie, I disagree with those comparisons. OJ was debatable, and you could say that his case was similar insofar as both his case and the Duke case were badly mishandled by the prosecution, but Michael Jackson is, at this point, so far removed from the rest of humanity that any comparisons to any other situation are fatally flawed. I honestly don't think that we can apply any standards of human behavior to Jacko - he nearly qualifies as a separate species. Regarding Duke, though, the case was so badly handled that, even if Seligmann, Finnerty, and Evans had been guilty of anything more than stupidity (which I doubt), there would have been nothing that anyone could do.

And thanks for the compliment on the live blog - I'll hopefully be doing another one this Saturday with the UFC finale. Penn vs. Pulver should be very interesting, and Gamburyan has become a guy that I actively root for.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff!

To that first guy on golf, the US Open courses are chosen because they are the toughest. On the toughest courses, the person who makes the fewest mistakes wins, and last weekend that was Cabrera. Woods would have done it, but was rightfully distracted by his wife's immenent delivery of their first child.

To that idiot regarding the Duke lacrosse players, you are an idiot who has no idea what he is talking about. Those guys were innocent and now you boy Nifong is going to pay the price for it!

Randall @ Stetson