12 June 2007

Today's News

-Rafael Nadal winning the French Open
-Dale Earnhardt Jr. leaving DEI for Hendrick Motorsports
-Amanda Beard in Playboy

Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer convincingly, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, to take his third consecutive French Open championship. Nadal is now 8-4 against Federer, and has established himself as the greatest clay court player alive; he's 121-13 on the surface, 21-0 at the French Open. But until Rafa diversifies his game and becomes as good (or nearly as good) on other surfaces, where he is only a comparatively modest 98-44, he'll never maximize his vast potential. Nadal has been ranked 2nd in the world for almost three years now - behind Federer. He's the only player in the world who has the ability to consistently play at Federer's level. With luck, he'll live up to that ability - tennis needs him to.

Also, today, it was announced that Little D decided to leave his old team - the team now run by his stepmother - for Hendrick Motorsports. The move from DEI has been brewing for a while now - Junior hasn't gotten along well with Teresa Earnhardt in several years, according to all the information I've seen. I'm not a big follower of NASCAR, so I don't know a lot about Hendrick Motorsports beyond that they already have Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Casey Mears, so adding Dale Jr. to the team would make them pretty big-time stuff.

Finally, Amanda Beard posed for Playboy. And by that, I mean that Amanda Beard posed for Playboy. It seems like every reasonably attractive female athlete these days winds up posing unclothed in some magazine, whether it be "Australian" (Lauren Jackson), "Playboy" (Beard), or "Maxim," "FHM," and "Playboy" (Danica Patrick, who is rapidly becoming a caricature). C.S. Lewis, relating the sex drive to hunger, asked whether people would pay to see a piece of veal slowly uncovered, asserting that, if so, there must be some sort of significant food shortage. Foucault would, no doubt, speak of a Western obsession related to the Scientia Sexualis. I, not being an intellectual on the level of Lewis or Foucault, will state it more simply: the pattern is a problem not because it necessarily objectifies, demeans, or otherwise harms women, but just because it's so absolutely stupid. Hm...

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