08 July 2007

Federer V Nadal

Sometimes, you just know a contest is over.

Bulls down by 1, MJ with the ball.
Padres ahead in the 9th, Trevor Hoffman walking to the mound.
Tennis match on grass, Roger Federer playing.

Today, Federer matched up against Rafael Nadal in the Wimbledon men's singles final. And, for the first time in a long time, it didn't feel like the match was over before it began. Didn't feel that way, actually, until Federer held to go up 3-2 in the 5th set.

A little while ago, I wrote a post saying that Nadal was possibly the only player in the world who had the potential to challenge Federer on a consistent basis. Nadal has been dominant on clay - we all know that. Today, he elevated his game on grass.

This wasn't a case of Federer being "off" or having a bad day. The magnitude of the event didn't get to him (how could it? He's won 5 in a row now!). Federer was playing some of the best tennis I've seen anyone play in a long, long time. And Nadal was matching him stroke for stroke.
Federer, at times, looks like a finesse player - exquisitely precise with the ball, but slightly lacking in power. Nadal, at times, looks like he's hitting the ball hard but isn't quite sure where it's going to go. Today, both players were absolutely killing the ball, and putting it exactly where they wanted it to go.

Nadal was at his best today. So was Federer. Federer's best, on the surface he calls home, where he's won, now, 34 consecutive matches, was just the slightest bit better than Nadal's. But it didn't show until the second half of the fifth set. Truly impressive stuff fom both players.


Charlie said...

So Mike, best tennis match youve ever seen?

Mike said...

Certainly one of the best - right up there with the 1995? I think? Agassi/Sampras US Open final.

Jennifer [StarKnight Captain 'Sunshine'] said...

Oi, class act there, Mike. Sounds like that was a defo promising match.