23 August 2007

Mailbag 8/23/07

After completing another four-part series, my inbox is chock full of feedback. That's right - I've got as much feedback as a first-timer at a karaoke bar.

Weak punchlines over with, let's get to the emails. The first comes from Shane in Orlando, who (before I published pt. 2) writes to agree with me: "A lot of people wonder why I'm just not into the NFL. I think that post may have perfectly added to my answer of 'Because it's just plain pathetic!!' Heck, soccer's doing a better job, and the World Cup's not for another three years!"

My personal feelings about soccer aside (I wrote a column once that poked fun at soccer... the response was, shall we say, intense), I'd say that "The Cynic's Take" presented only one side of the story; while the points were valid, they were deliberately slanted. I don't disagree with anything I said in the post, but at the same time I believe that what I said in "The Idealist's Take" is also valid.

Speaking of pt. 2, we come to Joe from Macon, who, along with several other emailers, is wondering what exactly I was doing with the introduction. "Not cool, man," said Joe, continuing that it was "some pretty weird crap. Not normal."

Actually, Joe, you'd be surprised how many weird things can be normal - the ancient Greeks, for instance, condoned practices that today are the exclusive territory of NAMBLA. But weirdness aside, I was having some fun with the language - a practice that was basically the original point of the blog. It didn't work out quite as well as I had hoped, but a few emailers (like Lauren from Gainesville), thought it was cool.

Very few readers, though, apparently liked my predictions - I got no fewer than 4 emails regarding the NFC West alone. Apparently, a lot of you (like Rob from DeLand, FL and Jane from Tallahassee) like the 49ers more than I do. Look - I have a lot of respect for Mike Nolan, and he's doing a terrific job rebuilding that franchise. But I think that they're still about a year away from making it to the top of the division.

Finally, a fun little note - I was doing research this weekend and noticed something a little creepy. This is Lew Ford, an outfielder for the Minnesota Twins. Here he is again. And here... is not him. The last picture is Greg Maddux. I thought cloning was illegal in the United States?

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