05 August 2007

Mailbag 8/5/07

So, after another several articles, the blog has been generating a lot of feedback. Time to respond to the pithiest of it? I think so.

The first email is from Jay of Gainesville, FL, who takes offense to my Tony Gwynn article:
"What are you thinking, man? Gwynn is going into the Hall of Fame, and he's never been linked to steroids before. Why do an article on him now? Even as a joke that's pretty awful. Bad topic, bad timing."

My response: well, Jay, the article was more satire than joke, and I thought the timing was pretty good. I view it as both a kind of tribute to Gwynn, who has been one of the "good guys" in the whole baseball-drug-use scandal, and a subtle (okay, so maybe not-so-subtle) dig at those who haven't been as clean as Gwynn.

The second email is from Eric of Albuquerque, NM, who asks a simple question: "What the hell were you thinking, leaving Larry Fitzgerald off of your Top 10 Wide Receivers?"

My response: I think Fitzgerald is overrated. He has incredible physical tools, but doesn't seem to fully take advantage of them. Would I want him on my team? Yeah, probably, not above any of the guys on the list.

The last email I'm going to answer today is from Lee of... well, of wherever it is that he's from - he didn't put a location in his email. He writes: "Gee, your awesome, where do you get your ideas?"

My response: Umm... okay... well, then... I read ESPN.com, SI.com, Yahoo! sports, and a few other sites, and respond to anything that catches my interest.

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