11 August 2007

NBA roundup

Sorry about the David Blaine imitation there for a few days... everybody's got to recharge sometimes.

So - KG is a Celtic. Good for him! He's finally got some other players with him who can share the offensive load - KG has never seemed entirely comfortable as the lead offensive option, especially in crunch time - and who can give him a serious chance to go deep in the playoffs.

Are the Celtics now a good team? Maybe. KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen give the team a formidable triumvirate, reminiscent of Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus, or even of Napoleon, de Cambaceres, and Lebrun... although whether Danny Ainge's trading spree will have the long-lasting effects of the French Revolution will take time to reveal.

By the way: if you knew who de Cambaceres and Lebrun were without a quick Google, you're a better history buff than I am.

Also: Shaq and Penny are back together. But now, rather than being two rising superstars, one of them is old, injury-prone, and out of shape... and the other one is Shaq.

The only thing more pitiful than Shaq chanting at Charlie Crist to "make us healthy", so far as my crystal ball can tell, will be Penny Hardaway chanting at Shaq to "make me good again". Shaq has turned himself into an icon; he has his own shoes, his own television show, his own (new and improved) sidekick. He doesn't need Penny anymore.

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