19 August 2007

NFL Preview Pt. 3: NFC Prediction

With the overly dour outlook disposed of, despite other, decidedly overwhelming, decisions on drafts, others' destruction, or doom...

And, following a fresh, awesome first attempt, finding a funny, angelic foible and fusing...
ah, heck. Enough with the awkward, forced wordplay, and forward, while keeping in mind I have a blog to write -

here's my NFC At-A-Glance PreviewTM

In the East, I'm picking Philadelphia to win the division. No great surprise here. Dallas has a chance to sneak a wild-card spot; New York took a serious hit when Tiki Barber retired; Washington is kind of mediocre overall and has a young QB to break in.

In the North, Chicago is the prohibitive favorite; no reason to go against chalk. Detroit has the weapons to pull a turnaround, but.. they're the Lions. The Vikings suck. The Packers are a rebuilding team that could go 8-8 or 9-7 due to the presence of Brett Favre.

In the West, which should be the most competitive division in the conference, Seattle has the most experience and a healthy Shaun Alexander. San Francisco, a team on the rise, should win 8-9 games, and the Rams are quality on offense. Arizona has the weapons to pull a turnaround, but... they're the Cardinals.

In the South, the Saints are clearly the best team; they've lost Joe Horn, but should be fine with the addition of Robert Meachem in the draft, and their defense is improved. The Panthers are solid, but nothing special. The Bucs, like the Packers, are a rebuilding team with an old QB - but Jeff Garcia is no Brett Favre. And the Vick-less Falcons... well, they'll struggle to win. Anything.

Predicted NFC champion: the Saints. I don't have faith in Rex Grossman, though he'll be enough to win the division; McNabb will get hurt about Week 16 or so, and the Seahawks are slightly above mediocre. Saints to the Super Bowl.

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