26 August 2007

The Preseason Game

Tonight, I was watching the alleged football game between the Steelers and the Eagles. I came to a significant conclusion.

The preseason isn't real football. In real football, teams play to win. More importantly, teams play against each other; the individual is important only so far as he (or she, I suppose) affects his team.

What I saw tonight, by contrast, was no competition between teams - it was a competition between individuals on the same team, competing for positions on a depth chart. Interesting? I suppose, in its own way. Interesting, I suppose, in the same way that the Democratic National Convention is interesting: lots of infighting between people who are nominally on the same team. Players were playing for the team only so far as the team could help them.

I found that sense of individualism more than slightly repellant. I'll continue to watch preseason football, I suppose; there's value in determining which individuals will help their teams during the season. But, in essence, preseason football is the antithesis of real football; unless something significant changes, it will have value only as a diagnostic tool. And I, for one, will treat it only as such.

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