02 August 2007

Zeise was right

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer Paul Zeise said on Sunday that Michael Vick would have been "better off raping a woman" than what he's been charged with. Since then, he's been released from the television show "Sports Showdown," where he made the comments, and he's drawn heavy flak from several different sources.

KDKA (the television station that hosted the show) called his comments "inappropriate and insensitive". The Post-Gazette said that they were "insensitive and offensive." Under heavy pressure, Zeise himself apologized, saying, "I regret the poor choice of analogies I used to characterize a professional athlete's legal situation."

But Zeise's statements were correct. If Vick had been accused of rape, what would have happened? He would have had to deal with some scrutiny from the press. There would have been some protests, perhaps, if the alleged victim (and we must call her an alleged victim until everything is absolutely proven) happened to be someone of good standing in the community; more likely, she would have been a prostitute or a stripper, and no one would have cared - especially since Vick is black, and therefore cannot be accused of a hate crime.

But Vick hasn't been accused of raping a possibly gold-digging, potentially lying, definitely un-cute stripper; instead, he's been accused of killing dogs - and Americans don't think of "pit bulls" when they think of dogs, they think of Fluffy, the adorable little toy poodle sitting in the corner waiting to be cuddled and held.

Michael Vick killed Fluffy! And Paul Zeise was right.

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