07 September 2007

AL Playoff Predictions

AL East
While the Red Sox of Boston are falling,
the Yankees on Roger are calling.
But while he's gotten older
the Yanks have got bolder -
Joba, Phil and Chien-Ming are balling.

Yankees take the division by three.

AL Central
CC and Travis drive Cleveland,
but Granderson's Tigers won't leave them:
The Royals and Twins
and the White Sox lack wins,
so with Cleveland's schedule, they'll beat them.

Cleveland over Detroit in a tight race.

AL West
Though the Angels are running away with it,
Seattle is trying to stay with it -
But Vlad crushes pitches,
and Lackey is vicious,
And LA of Anaheim plays with it.

Los Angeles by eight games.

Starting this afternoon, I'm going to be in Scotland until mid-December, so my blogposts until then may be somewhat sporadic. I'll post when I can - everybody have a good football season.

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