27 September 2007

Glass Half Full?

Let's look at the bright spots of this season for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Give me a minute to think, here...

Ah! Here's one - they didn't lose a hundred games! That's progress, isn't it, from last year? (Never mind that they have a .411 winning percentage)

Combing the statistics, here's another: Scott Kazmir was pretty good - a career-high 13 wins, with a solid 3.54 ERA. (never mind that his ERA and WHIP are both up from last year).

The youngsters did great this season! Delmon Young was as good as advertised, hitting .291/13/93 in his first season, and Carlos Pena far exceeded expectations with 43 HR! (But if the team was this bad when players were exceeding expectations, what will happen when they go into a slump?)

There's a demon for every angel, and a few more unaccounted for - but, as always, there's hope heading into next season. As always, it seems, there are a solid group of prospects - Evan Longoria and Jeff Niemann leading the way - just on the verge of cracking the big leagues.

To steal a phrase from the Brooklyn Dodgers - wait 'til next year. Or the year after that. Or possibly 2063.

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