18 September 2007

Mailbag 9/18/07

Hey - so this is my first mailbag from Scotland. I've gotten a lot of emails in the past few days, and (as always) chosen a few of my favorites to respond to here in the blog. If you email me and your message doesn't get featured, I will try to at least send you some sort of response via email.

Let's get right to it, eh? (oh, wait, that's Canada...)

Tom from Orlando writes in to remind me of this article, which explicitly explains what was illegal about the Patriots' videotaping, and asks me to rethink my stance on the whole incident.

I'm thinking about it... and I'm sticking with it. I simply don't see why it's a problem, especially given that you're allowed to take as many still photographs as you like (and could conceivably, therefore, create the modern equivalent of a flip show). Peter King made the best case I've seen so far as to why it shouldn't be allowed, but I'm still unconvinced.

Mike from Lexington, KY wonders what happened to Louisville, and bemoans what he terms "the flood of SECers shouting their dominance" in the wake of the NCAA football season's first three weeks.

Here's what happened to the Cardinals: they're a team built around offense, but with a bit of a weak defense - not unlike West Virginia last year, or what many people thought Florida would be this year. Louisville got away with it until they ran into another team built the same way, with almost the same quality - Kentucky's offense has always been very good, and it's become quite lethal this year with the ascendance of Andre' Woodson to elite status. If these two teams played 10 times, Louisville would probably win 7; unfortunately for the Cardinals, this was one of the 3.

As to the SEC fans... after the first three weeks of the season, they have reason to shout - LSU looks dominant, Florida's defense has almost lived up to it's incredible offense, and, while Auburn has fallen to South Florida, there have been relatively few humiliations elsewhere.

Speaking of South Florida: not that I told you so, but... I told you so...

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