02 September 2007

NCAA Week 1 Roundup

Today we begin a (hopefully) continuing series, recapping the big stories of each week in college football.

It's the End of the World as We Know It
The entire country, for a week at least, are Appalachian State fans. In case you've been under a rock somewhere, you know they beat Michigan. If you didn't watch the game, you might not realize that they flat-out beat Michigan - they were simply faster than the Wolverines. Appalachian State dominated the majority of the game.

Guess Who's Back?
The Gators absolutely dominated Western Kentucky as they began their title defense. Tim Tebow proved that he could throw the ball, going 13-17 for 300 yards. UF will have a much tougher test in two weeks (following a preordained blowout against Troy) when they play Tennessee.

Sweet Emotion
Virginia Tech played their first game after the April shootings, and, after all the memorials and the moment of silence, were less than inspiring. They won, but only 17-7 in what was supposed to be a tune-up. The Hokie defense survived the Hokie offense, which posed a greater threat than their East Carolina counterparts.

My Name Is...
Armanti Edwards. The quarterback for Appalachian State, he absolutely shredded the Michigan defense, going 17-23 for 227 yards and 3 touchdowns, with an additional 62 yards rushing. Impressive stuff, and even more impressive when you consider that the only 1-A school (side note: I refuse to use the ridiculous new monikers that the NCAA decreed this past offseason) that recruited him was New Mexico State... and that the Aggies wanted him to convert to receiver.

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