16 October 2007

Mile High Club (a non-football post)

Scanning the baseball headlines this week:

A-Rod, Boras Meet in California
hmm... an overpaid superstar wanting more money? I don't think that's ever happened before...

Westbrook, Indians Dump Red Sox
Seems like the 1990s again, no? A powerful lineup and a couple of aces leading Cleveland through the AL?

Another Steroids Hearing Possible
Politicans poking their greasy, pointed heads into the world of sports? Seems like it's been a recurring theme since what, 1919?

Rockies Earn First World Series Berth
Ecclesiastes was wrong! It's a breath of fresh air - something we legitimately haven't seen before. On a down note, it makes me think of what the Devil Rays could have become by now, if they had been under good ownership - the Rockies were created in 1993, the Diamondbacks in 1998 - but the story is good enough to make me smile. This is baseball as it should be, evidence that parity is working.

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