04 October 2007


There's a certain idea that I'm starting to get, as I blog from this side of the Atlantic, that the analysis I conduct while I'm here is in some ways more pure than that which I do when I'm at home.

Why is that? I have no ability to actually watch the games- I can't be swayed by subjective impressions (my own, at least - I do read columns on ESPN.com, sportsillustrated.com, and other sites). I have to look at numbers.

Statistical analysis lends itself, I think, particularly well to baseball. Why? (oh, the repetitive rhetorical questions! But I have only five minutes before I must leave for my next class.) There's a larger sample size - 162 games, as compared to 16 for the NFL or 82 for the NBA.

So what do the statistics I've chosen to look at say?

Red Sox over Angels in 4
Yankees over Indians in 3
Cubs over Diamondbacks in 5
Phillies over Rockies in 5

Have a great day.

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