11 October 2007

Schuerholz and Schreiber

The big news today: Atlanta Braves GM John Schuerholz won't be the team's GM anymore. He's been making personnel decisions for the team since 1990 - coincidentally (or not), the same year the Braves began their ascent to 14 consecutive division titles.

At least he isn't completely gone, though - he'll still be the team president. Call it a promotion if you like; I'm sorry to see his hands taken (or to see him take his hands) from the reins. We'll see what happens to the Braves in the future, as Andy Wren is reportedly set to take the challenge of developing the team's large pool of young talent.

In meta-news, Le Anne Schreiber (AKA ESPN's Ombudsman) made an argument that I (and many, many others) have been making for a long time: that opinion is overriding fact in sports reporting. Her article is definitely worth a read.

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