16 November 2007

Emotion and Response

It's amazing - I say one politically incorrect thing and get a veritable torrent of emails.
Yes, this is about my Phil Jackson post yesterday - a post regarding which I've since gotten several emails, doing everything from calling me a homophobic bigot to congratulating me for not buying into the liberal propaganda.

All I was trying to say with my post was that Jackson's comments were more funny than anything else. They definitely weren't "inappropriate" - maybe a bit racy, but not offensive. I see this as an example of political correctness gone awry.

Think about this:
If Jackson had said, "we call this a Jenna Jameson game", would there be the same outcry? Personally, I doubt it - because porn stars don't have lawyers and lobbyists working for them.

Lawyers and lobbyists have to make their money somehow; where there are lobbyists, there will be lobbying. There's been so much lobbying on this sort of issue that the NBA in this case felt pressure to preemptively avoid it by decrying Jackson's statement.

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