03 December 2007

BCS Reaction

All of the bowl matchups are out now, in case you've been under a rock somewhere. With Missouri and West Virginia royally blowing their chances to go to the title game, somebody had to step in, and LSU and Ohio State found themselves the lucky recipients.

This is a good a resolution as you could ask for, even if it doesn't really settle anything. Ohio State and LSU's claims are as good as anyone's, even if they aren't necessarily any better than those of a half-dozen other teams.

In the other BCS bowls, my only real gripe is the inclusion of 9-3 Illinois. They weren't an automatic selection, and their selection meant the exclusion of 10-2 Arizona State, as well as a host of other... actually, it didn't really mean the exclusion of any other, more worthy candidates; I just object on principle.

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