17 December 2007

Get Your Kicks...

Miami Northwestern High School won the Florida class 6A high school football championship in convincing fashion, beating Boone High School 41-0 in the championship game and ending their second consecutive undefeated season.

As the ESPN.com story recounted: "Tevin McCaskill's 25-yard TD grab made it 28-0 early in the third quarter and the route was on. "

Which route is that, exactly? Miami Northwestern certainly got their kicks, but they're not quite between Chicago and L.A.

In related news, I've received several emails asking how I have the time to read the hundreds of articles that it must take me to find the errors I reveal. Charlie from Gainesville asks: "Do you do anything besides read ESPN and Sports Illustrated?"

Well, Charlie (and Jim from Tampa, Susanna from Tallahassee, and Mike from Atlanta) - I have other interests: sunsets, good books, long walks on the beach... um... I read pretty fast, too, which helps.

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