26 December 2007

Post-Christmas NCAAF Bowl Picks, Part 1

This post will lay out my picks for the bowl games from December 26 to December 28; hopefully, like sugar cookies, the second batch will turn out better than the first.

Motor City Bowl (Dec. 26)
Central Michigan +8 against Purdue
The last time these teams played, Purdue won easily. But this is a bowl game, so things just have to be different, right? On a related note, Purdue has only beaten one Division 1 team with a winning record this year. Can you guess which one? On another, tangentially related note: wow, two rhetorical questions in one pick - I shall avoid them for the rest of the post.

Holiday Bowl (Dec. 27)
Arizona State +2.5 against Texas
ASU was being considered for a BCS berth. Texas was not. If Erickson can revive the Sun Devils from their disappointment, they should prove to be the superior team.

Champs Sports Bowl (Dec. 28)
Boston College -4 against Michigan State
This game will be an example of what happens when a team with a decent offense and a very good defense (Boston College) goes up against a team with a very good offense, but a porous defense. Defense, as the pundits say, wins championships. Here, it will win the Champs Sports Bowl.

Texas Bowl (Dec. 28)
Houston +4.5 against TCU
Good defense may beat good offense, but really good offense (Houston, the 4th-best in the country) beats pretty good defense.

Emerald Bowl (Dec. 28)
Oregon State -5 against Maryland
This pick makes sense for two reasons. First, Yvenson Bernard is a really cool name. Second, Yvenson Bernard is a really good running back, and the Beavers are a good team. Note: Ralph Friedgen is a cool name too, but unless he pulls a William Perry, he's not as good a halfback as Bernard.

Last time: 1-5
Bowls: 1-5

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