09 December 2007

Whose Neck, Exactly?

This is a sad story - the poorly written headline, in this case, isn't funny, which heightens the significance of the grammatical error. Jordin Lindsey, a football player for the University of South Carolina, was injured in a fight this weekend. Fortunately, he's all right, and was to be released from the hospital today (the story doesn't say whether he actually was released).

The headline, from SportsIllustrated.cnn.com: Gamecock has neck slashed. The headline, of course, doesn't specify whose neck - whether it was Lindsey's or whether he, in some odd hitman scenario, hired Michael Myers to kill some enemy. Nor does it even specify whether the main figure in the story is even human - for all we know after seeing it, the story is an investigative piece about Roy Jones Jr.

Well done, SI.

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