02 January 2008

NCAAF Bowl Picks: The End of the Beginning

We're to the last few bowl games now, and the intensity of the competition continues to ramp up. With luck, the last few games will see the same kind of exciting finishes as the ones that have come before them.

Odds from USA Today.

Fiesta Bowl (Jan. 2)
Oklahoma -8.5 against West Virginia
The Mountaineers are a very dangerous offensive team. But they're a very dangerous offensive team whose head coach deserted them in order to begin recruiting for Michigan. Sooners by 20.

Orange Bowl (Jan. 3)
Virginia Tech -3 against Kansas
Again: the Jayhawks are a very dangerous offensive team. But the Hokies are a defensive powerhouse who will hold the Mangino offense in check, and KU's porous defense won't be able to do enough to respond.

International Bowl (Jan. 5)
Rutgers -10 against Ball State
I know that the Scarlet Knights have gotten a lot of press; I also know that they played a pretty tough schedule, and had a reasonably good season. Ball State sounds like a team that UF would schedule for a season opener.

GMAC Bowl (Jan. 6)
Bowling Green +4.5 against Tulsa
Omar Jacobs is going to lead the fierce BGSU attack to victory. Wait - Omar Jacobs went to the NFL in 2006? And here I thought that I knew football...

National Championship Game (Jan. 7)
LSU -4 against Ohio State
For the sake of the Big 3, I really hope that OSU represents well in this game. Two consecutive championship-game flops might be too much to overcome. Unfortunately, LSU has too much talent for the Buckeyes to pull the upset unless the Tigers come in flat - and Les Miles isn't going to let his team come into the game flat. LSU 27, Ohio State 17

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