09 February 2008

Yup... I'm a Joe.

I'm watching SPIKE TV right now. They're showing "Pros vs. Joes", a program in which former professional athletes compete against amateurs. Watching the program, I've come to a couple of realizations.

First: these guys are good. I'm a relatively athletic guy - 6'4", about 185 lb (that's 211 cm and 84 kg, for all my European readers), and reasonably strong, muscular, whatever. But watching Arturo Gatti absolutely toy with two guys who probably outweigh him by 40 or 50 lb apiece? Watching Ricky Williams lower his shoulder and give a guy whiplash? These Pros - guys who aren't good enough anymore to compete in their sports - are amazing.

Second: Ricky Williams is really, really drugged out. He's gone from being a stud RB to being a sort of sad caricature of a stoner. And he's still a better athlete than 99.9% of the world. Wow.

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