04 March 2008

Goodbye, Brett

According to ESPN.com, Brett Favre has decided to retire. If this is true, then my reactions are mixed.

Two seasons ago, I wrote a column in the school paper (exciting stuff, I know) arguing that Favre should retire, that his skills and supporting cast had eroded to the point that he was destroying his legacy.

Last season, Favre dramatically cut his interception rate, improved his completion rate, and took the Packers to the verge of the super bowl. Pundits marveled at his "return to form" - but then, in the NFC championship game, he reurned to his lack of form, throwing a truly awful interception to put his team out of the game.

On one hand, I'm sorry to see Favre leave the league; he's been one of the most prolific and personable quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. On the other - it's time, and by leaving now, Favre will leave "on his terms," with his legend intact.

This is, I think, a good decision. One that leaves me rather sad, but a good one nonetheless. Goodbye, Brett; it's been a fun ride.

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