06 March 2008

Let the eulogies, um, continue

Brett Favre will be talking today at 12:30 PM. As ESPN counts down to his press conference, they're talking about the many things that made him a great quarterback.

But - really - they've been doing that for years. What makes this career retrospective any different from any monday night game or sunday night game or sunday afternoon game that Favre has played in the last five years?

The ESPN personalities - currently, Schlereth, Wingo, and Darren Woodson - are talking about Favre's arm, his competitiveness, his inventiveness, and his sense of fun, among other topics. We've heard all this before, ESPN. Can't you give us anything new?

Oh, that's right - you've been fawning over the great Brett since practically before I was born. You don't have anything new to talk about, because you've talked about it all before. Way to go.

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