14 April 2008

Are they or aren't they?

Former olympic 100m champion Maurice Greene probably didn't dope. We know that he didn't test positive during his career.

But reports of doping have dogged him lately, leading IAAF spokesman Nick Davies to issue a statement of support for Greene. At least, I think Davies issued a statement of support for Greene.
To quote from the Associated Press article as displayed on ESPN.com:

"Davies said the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency had been looking into the link for years without finding any proof. "If it was Maurice, it was not enough to even interest USADA, who are very interested," Davies said."

So there wasn't enough of a connection for the USADA to investigate, except that they investigated? And therefore they weren't interested in the matter, except that they were?

In the immortal words of Napoleon Dynamite: huh?


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