04 April 2008

Picking UNC-KU

Tonight, North Carolina plays Kansas at 8:47 PM. In my pre-tournament bracket, I picked UNC, and I'm sticking with them in this game. Why?

To me, the two most important positions in college basketball are point guard and center. A good center can dominate the basket areas and take his team a long way (remember Andrew Bogut taking Utah to the Elite Eight a few years ago?), and a good point guard can completely control the flow of a game to the point that the other team is befuddled and taken out of its rhythm (remember Jameer Nelson and St. Joseph's?).

UNC has, in Tywon Lawson and Tyler Hansbrough, a better PG/C combination than does Kansas in Russell Robinson and Darrell Arthur. While the SG matchup is a draw (Mario Chalmers vs. Wayne Ellington) and Kansas has the advantage at SF (Brandon Rush vs. Marcus Ginyard) and PF (Darnell Jackson vs. Deon Thompson), the Tarheels will, thanks to Hansbrough and Lawson, emerge victorious.

Prediction: UNC 82, Kansas 75

EDIT 4/5 12:33 PM
Yes, I'm aware that the game is actually Saturday. I was in a rush and got sloppy. Apologies all.

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