07 May 2008

Awkward Turtle

Today, I haven't got a grammar error for y'all - it's been finals week, and I haven't been looking around SportsIllustrated or ESPN very much.

What I do have is one of the more awkward passages I've ever read in a major sports magazine.
From Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci, in an article published in the magazine on December 18, 2000 and linked to from SportsIllustrated.cnn.com today:



Rodriguez and Ken Griffey Jr. were alone, showering in the visiting clubhouse of Yankee Stadium. It was May 7, 1999, and New York was pummeling Seattle 10-1 in the ninth inning. Rodriguez, who was on the disabled list with a torn meniscus in his left knee, and Griffey, who had been removed from the game by manager Lou Piniella, were getting a jump on their teammates for postgame showers. Both were already thinking about their impending free agency after the 2000 season. "Do you want to stay here and put up with more of this?" Rodriguez said of what would be a 79-83 season. "I can't stand the losing."

"I don't know," Griffey said. "It might not be that bad. You saw the young pitching we have in spring training. It could get better here."


Awkward. Suppressed homoeroticism? Two handsome, muscular athletes... in the shower... getting a jump on their teammates... Not so much suppressed homoeroticism as the buildup to a cheap porno.

Not that I've ever seen a cheap porno. Or any porno.


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