11 May 2008


A rarity for y'all today: three errors in two consecutive bullet points.

SportsIllustrated.cnn.com's Jon Heyman is kind enough to provide us with this comedic fodder, committing these mortal sins on the second page of his Daily Scoop article.

In the first, Royals pitcher John Bale broke his hand after becoming upset that "his should injury wasn't coming around as quickly as hoped" and punching a wall.
In the second, "White Sox lefthander Mark Buehrle used Juan Uribe's bat to crush a space heater in a fit if anger, marking the first time Uribe (.191) has bat made such good contact in awhile."
I'm left speechless by the utter lack of proofreading in the article. The honorable Mr. Heyman is a professional, right?

Have a great evening, everyone. Screenshot follows.

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