02 May 2008

With the third pick of the third round...

The Miami Dolphins select, as seen on NFL.com, a muddled grammatical mess.

The official analysis of the 66th overall pick:

"The Dolphins continue to address the line of scrimmage. Using their second choice on the defensive line, Langford is a player that has good size at 6-foot-6. Bill Parcells is more a traditional 3-4 defense and Langford fits that defensive scheme."

Two relevant notes:

- The second "sentence" is, in fact, a fragment.

- Bill Parcells is not a traditional 3-4 defense. If he were, there would be eleven Bill Parcells clones of various sizes and speeds running around the football fields of the NFL. Bill Parcells tends to implement a traditional 3-4 defense, and thus to avoid awkward metaphysical questions.


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