14 June 2008

Mr. Markazi...

SportsIllustrated.com's Arash Markazi is quickly becoming one of this blog's most-often-featured writers... and that increasing recognition is not a good thing. Last month, he was recognized for committing a grievous error, as he misspelled Manu Ginobili's name thrice.

Today, we honor him for two errors in a column written about Tim Donaghy's allegations of referee impropriety.

The first, on the first page of the column, indicates a humorous level of ignorance: Markazi notes that the group of which Kevin Modesti is a part "overseas nine newspapers, including the Daily News in Southern California."

Clearly, that conglomerate (the Los Angeles Newspaper Group) has powerful international connections.


The second error, on the second page of the column, is a simple error, one which (in conjunction with the first eror) indicates that not only does the honorable Mr. Markazi lack vocabulary, he doesn't proof-read, either.

From the article: "Divac said, "Why don't they just let us know in advance?" Divac said half-jokingly."



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