20 June 2008

Thoughts on Croatia-Turkey and Euro 2008

(note: I'm writing a quick, stream-of-consciousness note so that I don't miss the ending of the match)

I've never understood those who say that soccer (or futbol, or football, if you prefer) is a boring game to watch on television. Watching the Croatia-Turkey match - one in which I have no stake whatsoever, given that I've never been to either country and am unfamiliar with the players for both sides - I've found myself drawn inexorably into the so-far-scoreless contest.

This match, and soccer in general, is a fascinating contest of skill, both strategic and tactical, played out at breakneck speed by some of the best-conditioned athletes in the world. Time after time, today, the Croats have pushed up the field, testing the Turkish keeper's limits; time after time, he's proven himself (albeit somewhat awkwardly at times) up to the task.

Perhaps it's the lack of commercial breaks that drives away typical American audiences? I'm not certain... because everything I'm seeing on this broadcast is really gripping television.

Back to the match, now that extra time has started! Have a great day, everyone.

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