02 July 2008

How do I love Joe Morgan? Let me count the ways...

Sometimes, I wish that I had ESPN Insider. This is one of those times.


Because in the first two answers provided in this chat by "Hall of Famer and ESPN baseball analyst Joe Morgan," the alleged professional commits a number of errors that strain credulity, and I have no doubt that were I able to access the entire chat, the rest of the transcript would be of similar quality.

Transcript of first two questions and answers:

sean jacksonville,fl: you agree that the reds should trade grifey?

Joe Morgan: That is a tough question for me because I was a Red when he was a little kid in the clubhouse and his dream was ro play for the Reds. I think that dream has not lived up to expectations, so I think they maybe should trade him to a contander so he has chance to play for a World Series. But is has to be mutual; Griffey has to want it and the Reds have to want it.

sean (levittown, PA): I think the Phillies should get another starting pitcher like C.C. Sabathia. What do you think?

Joe Morgan: Well I think every team needs another starting pitcher, it's not like the Phillies are the only ones. But they do need anothe rpitchers. Starting piutching is still the No. 1 commoodity in the game and there is still a shortage of top-notch starting pitching in MLB.



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