15 July 2008

An impressive number

From the Army section of ESPN's Blue Ribbon College Football Yearbook, and specifically the section on the Black Knights' special teams: "Trimble, who was also the Black Knights' best receiver, ranked 11th in the FBS in punt-return yards (14.7) and became the first player in Army history to return three punts for touchdowns in a career."

While I'm sure that Jeremy Trimble was an excellent punt returner, he must have returned four or five or, I don't know, 19 punts, so having 14.7 punt-return yards isn't really all that impressive.

Now if he'd had a 14.7-yard punt-return average (as, you know, he actually did) and that 14.7 punt-return yard total had been just a typo (as, you know, it actually was)... that would have been quite good.


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