26 July 2008

Jets have bigger needs than Favre

Reading Tim Graham's ESPN.com blog post on the impact of Brett Favre potentially joining the New York Jets, I had two questions.

First: Am I really writing two consecutive blogposts about Brett Favre, a player who I've never particularly liked?

Answer: Yes. Yes I am.

Second: Would the addition of Brett Favre radically change the dynamic of the AFC East, as Graham claimed it would?

Answer: No. No it wouldn't. Brett Favre is a good player, and he would help to improve the Jets' offense. But quarterback is only one of many areas of need the Jets must improve.

Before the Jets can mount any sort of serious attack on the Patriots, they'll need to upgrade several facets of their team. Quarterback may be one of those facets - we'll see how Kellen Clemens, the talented young quarterback from Oregon, develops this year - but it is at most only one.

Jonathan Vilma is gone, having left for the New Orleans Saints. Who will patrol the middle? At nose tackle, the Jets finally gave up on former bust Dwayne Robertson, replacing him with very talented but often-injured and rapidly-aging Kris Jenkins. Will Jenkins make it through the season? Last year, the Jets paid big money for running back Thomas Jones - and then saw him average 3.6 yards per carry. Can Jones begin to live up to his lofty billing and become even an average running back?

There's no denying that Brett Favre, for this year at least, would be an upgrade at quarterback. But there's also no denying that the Jets have other, more pressing needs, needs that adding Favre would not alleviate. Favre would add firepower to their offense, help them put points on the board. But unless the Jets have answers for their other questions, adding Favre would be a showy move that would accomplish little in terms of helping the Jets advance in their division.

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