01 July 2008

Tim Lincecum are a real boy

Most of the errors I find on SportsIllustrated.com and ESPN.com are pretty simple, understandable mistakes - typos, basic grammar errors, mistakes in statistics, etcetera.

This article, however, written by SportsIllustrated.com's Tom Verducci, contains one of the most baffling subheadings I've ever read: "Tim Lincecum -- looks 18, throws 98 -- are more than an act of violence, they're a marvel of modern science."

Beg pardon?

When I first read the headline, I assumed that Verducci was saying Lincecum has multiple personalities. But then I realized that interpretation didn't make any sense, unless all of Tiny Tim's personalities were acts of violence. This headline baffles me - I literally have no idea what Verducci was trying to say.

Well done, dude.


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