22 August 2008

Ben Fowlkes needs to clean up his act

Please pardon the cliche in the title - I borrowed it (with some slight changes) from Ben Fowlkes' SportsIllustrated.com article - an article that contains not one, but two errors.

And are these Fowlkesian errors simple typos or grammatical mistakes? No! They are in fact logical errors that make a hash of the entire article and very nearly leave the reader wondering what, exactly, Fowlkes is trying to say. (A note to Dr. O'Neill - I'm not sorry for the rhetorical question; it is, I feel, a legitimate way to make a point in this case.)

To the first error!

Fowlkes begins his article with a reference to the often-controversial president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship: "Dana White loves to say that running a major mixed martial arts organization isn't as easy it looks -- that's the typical self-congratulatory rhetoric we've become accustomed to from the outspoken UFC president."

Here's the issue, though: Fowlkes closes his article with a reference that's intended to tie the entire feature together, once again bringing in the MMA capo: "While White may claim it's easy, no one really believes that running an MMA organization is a painless endeavor."

But-but-but- that's not the same thing that, at the beginning of the article, Fowlkes said White says! That's not even close to the thing Fowlkes said White says! In fact, that's the exact opposite of what Fowlkes said White says!

Second error!

Midway through the article, Fowlkes attacks Elite XC lightweight champion KJ Noons for refusing to take on tough opponent Nick Diaz: "The champ flatly refused to meet Elite XC's vaguely threatening ultimatum on the matter and Diaz, instead, asked for DREAM standout Eddie Alvarez."

Wait... what? I know that MMA is a constantly shifting, fluid world - but I didn't know that it was a world so fluid that champions changed in mid-sentence! Apparently Fowlkes is privy to some intensely insider information - or, alternatively, he just sucks at using the English language.

Have a good evening, everyone!

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