01 August 2008

Developing a tolerance

This evening, I'm doing a few things.

First, I'm sorting keys - the last camp of the summer is leaving tomorrow morning, and I'm beginning the inventory of the few hundred keys I've been managing since the beginning of June.

Second, I'm watching Rob Roy. It's a heckuva good film - I've been a Liam Neeson fan since I saw Les Mis a few years ago (yes, I know he was in Schindler's List... I just haven't seen it yet. And yes, I know it's somewhat blasphemous to have not...), and Tim Roth is always excellent.

Third, I'm watching the X Games on ESPN, and specifically the BMX Big Air event.

These dudes are absolutely insane.

Want to know what's more insane?

I'm finding myself unimpressed by everything except the absolute biggest tricks. A few minutes ago, a guy did a 70-foot backflip, and I just shrugged.

A guy went down a ramp and did a 70-foot backflip on a bicycle, and I shrugged. How is that possible?

Have a great evening.

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