14 August 2008

We can only imagine

From the ESPN.com fantasy newsdesk comes this report on Jim Edmonds:

"After being virtually left for dead in San Diego, Edmonds had put up a .273/.374/.597 line since joining the Cubs, heading into Wednesday's games. After his two extra-base hits, we'd imagine his OPS with the Cubs is close to 1.000 now."

You'd imagine? Perhaps an OPS is something that floats out in the ether, a purely abstract concept that can never be applied to real situations? Perhaps OBP and slugging percentage are like position and velocity, and as we approach certainty about a player's on-base percentage, we lose certainty about his slugging position?

For those who are curious: Edmond's OPS with the Cubs currently stands at 0.989.

Screenshot of ESPN's laziness:

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