21 September 2008

E.J. Manuel: running through the ringer

...according to this post by SportsIllustrated.com's Stewart Mandel. Writing about how FSU's offense has continued to degenerate, Mandel notes that Jimbo Fisher "does have his own hand-picked QB, E.J. Manuel, waiting in the wings, but he's hardly the first savior-in-waiting to run through this ringer."

To which I reply: Yes, I'm quite sure that it's difficult for Manuel to charge through what may be (depending on the definition used) either a person who enters a competition under false representation, a device that sounds a bell-like tone, or a successful horseshoes toss - but wouldn't it be far more apt to say that he's running (or, better, going) through a wringer, which Merriam-Webster Online defines as "something that causes pain, hardship, or exertion"?

Just wondering.


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