20 October 2008

My Take on the World Series

When the Rays made it to the playoffs, I resolved that I wouldn't write anything about them here.

Given that this is a sports blog and I am a Rays supporter (I love them only slightly less than I do the Atlanta Braves), it may seem odd that I chose not to write about Tampa Bay's first playoffs trip ever. Here's the thing: I've had this nagging sensation that if I wrote or said anything about the Rays, their season would fall apart and they would suddenly, despite already being in the playoffs, find themselves back in last place.

I clung to my vow through the divisional round.

I clung to it through the ALCS.

And then the Rays made it to the World Series... and I had no fewer than (and possibly more than) eleven people ask me for my prediction.

Still, I clung to my vow.

With all that said - I'm not going to make a pick for the series. Rest assured, though, I'll be cheering for the Rays with, if not all, then a good 38.1% of my heart, and I hope that y'all are all doing the same.

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