18 October 2008

NCAA Football PIcks - 10.18.2008

Before I begin, a non-sports-related YouTube clip for all y'all lovers of music who happen to read this blog. I suggest that you enjoy it while reading the rest of the post:

On to the picks! Odds, as always, from USA Today.

Vanderbilt +15 against Georgia
The Commodores have fallen. And when the Commodores fall, they tend to keep falling for a long time. Then again - this Vandy team is good at creating turnovers, and I don't have a lot of faith in Matthew Stafford.
Prediction: Georgia 31, Vanderbilt 20

Alabama -13.5 against Ole Miss
Can the Tide be stopped? Yes, they can. Can the Tide be stopped by Ole Miss? Yes, they can. Will the Tide be stopped by Ole Miss? I don't think that they will. Look for Bama to control the clock and grind it out.
Prediction: Alabama 27, Ole Miss 10

Arkansas +11.5 against Kentucky
I don't believe in the Wildcats. I don't believe in the Razorbacks. By those two statements, of course, I'm declaring that I disbelieve in the existence of either team. I don't have much faith in the quality of Arkansas or Kentucky, either - which means I'm picking a close game.
Prediction: Kentucky 28, Arkansas 26

Mississippi State +8.5 against Tennessee
How bad are the Vols? They're so bad that old milk curls its figurative nose at them. They're so bad that The Matrix: Revolutions finds them repulsive. They're so bad that Michael Jackson wrote a song about them. Wow - that's pretty bad.
Prediction: Mississippi State 16, Tennessee 12

LSU -3.5 against South Carolina
The Tigers lost by 30 last week. But they're playing South Carolina! Let me say that again: They're playing South Carolina!
Prediction: LSU 41, South Carolina 24

Missouri +7 against Texas
I firmly believe that the Tigers' Chase Daniel-led and Jeremy Maclin-infused offense can keep the Tigers within a touchdown. I don't firmly believe in Colt McCoy - his name is just way too Texas-y. Also, he's got such a slender build that I don't believe he can take the Tebow-esque pounding he's receiving every week.
Prediction: Missouri 48, Texas 45

Last Week: 2-5 (I blame it on Bush)
Season: 23-28 (I blame it on Bush Sr.)

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