15 November 2008

NCAA Football Picks - 11.15.2008

Gotta keep the picks brief today, as I'm running in a few directions at once.

Picks! Odds from USA Today.

Georgia -8 against Auburn
War Eagle! Or... not so much. The Tigers have struggled offensively all year, and offensive struggles are a recipe for blowouts against Moreno, Stafford, & co.
Prediction: Georgia 34, Auburn 14

UL Monroe +21 against Ole Miss
IDK... my BFF Jill? Seriously, though... IDKY.
Prediction: Ole Miss 24, UL Monroe 9

Florida -23 against South Carolina
Because even though the Gamecocks have been impressive of late, the Gators have been flat-out dominant.
Prediction: Florida 41, South Carolina 13

Mississippi State +20.5 against Alabama
Beware the trap game here! Alabama's already clinched the SEC West. Will they suffer a letdown?
Prediction: Alabama 20, Mississippi State 16

Vanderbilt +5 against Kentucky
The Commodores keep betraying my trust... and I keep picking them. Why? Dear God what is that hideous THING? (props if you got the totally useless Princess Bride quote)
Prediction: Vanderbilt 17, Kentucky 15

Oregon State -3 against Cal

Because Jacquizz is just such a cool name.
Prediction: Oregon State 24, Cal 20

Have a great day, everyone!
Last Week: 3-2
Season: 35-39
All Time: 80-73-1

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