08 November 2008

NCAA Football Picks - 11.8.2008

Because I can: today's picks written in iambic pentameter! Odds from USA Today

Georgia -11.5 against Kentucky
The Bulldogs fight against their weaker foes,
But come up short against the Gators; teams
that play against the Georgian hordes without
an offense blessed with speed are doomed to lose
Prediction: Bulldogs 40, Wildcats 21

South Carolina -10 against Arkansas
The Spurrians from old SC are skilled
at making things that should be easy tough.
But versus Arkansas, it doesn't matter;
The Razorbacks are not equipped to take
Prediction: South Carolina 27, Arkansas 13

Wyoming +25 against Tennessee
The Cowboys (if their mascot be named that
in sooth, for yea, I do not know) can keep
it close against the Vols, who struggle hard
to not completely fail at everything
this year.
Prediction: Tennessee 31, Wyoming 17

Alabama -3 against LSU
The Crimson Tide are led by Satan; Nick,
who left his other teams behind, brings Bama
and massive tackle Cody to the game.
The Tigers have too many issues here
to win.
Prediction: Alabama 24, LSU 19

Vanderbilt +25 against Florida
The Commodores are struggling, but still
have D and still play tough enough to keep
the Gators at a reasonable margin.
Though Florida wins, do not expect an easy
romp all day.
Prediction: Florida 38, Vanderbilt 16

Last week: 2-3
Season: 32-37
All time: 77-71-1

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