03 November 2008

What are you, eight? Also: sports.

Headline from the New York Post: "Urine Trouble".

It's amazing how mature people are, isn't it?

It's be difficult to overstate how much I enjoyed watching the Bucs game yesterday (while I was writing an essay applying Marx to The Island of Dr. Moreau, of course, but that didn't take away too much from my appreciation). Tampa was absolutely terrible in the first half and through a good bit of the third quarter. Their offense was stalled, their defense couldn't stop the run, and Tyler Thigpen - Tyler Thigpen! - was picking them apart time after time.

Here's my take on what changed: The Bucs realized that playing timid, playing not to lose, wasn't working. They started attacking. The Chiefs forgot that playing aggressively, playing to win, was what had put them up by 21 points. They started trying not to lose.

The Bucs started attacking.
The Chiefs stopped attacking.

It's that simple, to me, and it's been a recurring pattern from what I've observed in my few years watching football. The team that knows it's going to keep attacking, going to keep coming and coming and coming until the other team breaks, tends to win. Oftentimes, that's the team that's fallen behind and become desperate. The playcalling changes, the attitude of the team changes, and the outcome of the game often changes.

Have a great day, everyone.

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