28 December 2008

Michael Beasley: an efficient kind of dude

ESPN's David Thorpe has some harsh things to say about Michael Beasley's play thus far. One criticism that Thorpe brings up is that Beasley is unwise and inefficient in his offensive choices:

[...] Beasley has an assist-to-turnover ratio of 5.6 which is the fourth lowest of all rookies.

Ignoring the run-on sentence for the moment, is an assist-to-turnover ratio of 5.6 really all that bad?

(answer: Heck No!)

An assist-to-turnover ratio of 5.6 would put Beasley not only at the head of his rookie class - which is led by Chicago's Derrick Rose - but well ahead of any other player in the NBA: Toronto's Jose Calderon currently leads the league with a 4.19 ratio.

An assist-to-turnover ratio of 5.6, in fact, would place Beasley second among all qualified players since the 2000-2001 season, behind only Terrell Brandon's incredible 6.14 ratio in 2001-2002.

One problem, though: Beasley doesn't have a 5.6 assist-to-turnover ratio. Looking at his player page on NBA.com (something Thorpe apparently neglected to do), we see that he has compiled 24 assists... and 54 turnovers, giving him an impressive (drumroll please!) 0.44 ratio.

So where did Thorpe get 5.6?

(answer: idk, my bff Jill?)


Happy Pledge of Allegiance Day, everyone!

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