18 December 2008

Ted Williams never made it to the big leagues

Or so this blogpost by ESPN.com's Chris Low would lead us to believe. Low, presenting his list of the top 25 players in the Southeastern Conference this year (a list, I might add, that he presented completely without context or justification - if you're looking for stats, this article isn't the place to look), notes that

All told, 15 of the players I had on my preseason list didn't play well enough to make the postseason list.

I know, I know. With that kind of batting average, I'm going to be a lifer in the minor leagues.

...nice. So hitting .400 (if we accept that Low was making a legitimate baseball analogy) isn't enough to make it to the majors?

Wow, Tony Gwynn sucked. And also Pete Rose. After all, neither of them ever had a season where they measured up to a guy who, by his own admission, just doesn't put up the numbers to exit the minor leagues.

Or, possibly, Low just doesn't put a lot of thought into his metaphors.


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