26 December 2008

Two African-American fighters

Rashad Evans and Forrest Griffin, two African-American fighters, will battle at UFC 92. Their fans will mostly be white.

So we are informed by a link on ESPN.com's front page.

The headline is a provocative one, promising a story about racial divides within American society and the UFC's attempts to bridge those divides.

The headline is also an incredibly dumb one. Why?

Here's a picture of Rashad Evans - and everything's good so far:

Here's a double headshot of Forrest Griffin, the other African-American fighter mentioned.

Notice anything?

(here's a hint: Forrest Griffin is in fact of Irish descent.)

Hmm... maybe if the person writing the headline had actually bothered to read the article, or had known anything about mixed martial arts, he might have caught on that George Willis (not to be confused with George Will, the conservative opinions writer from the mid-1990s) was actually talking about Rashad Evans and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson - two African-American fighters who will be fighting (but not against each other) at the upcoming UFC 92.

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