04 January 2009

Dolphins vs. Ravens: 2nd Half

2:41 PM
So, it's the second half now. The Dolphins trail the Ravens 13-3.

2:42 PM
HE DID IT AGAIN?! Another lob pass to a short receiver in double coverage, picked off again. What in the heck is Chad Pennington thinking?

2:43 PM
Joe Flacco just made a really, really good play. A really, really stupid play (he should have gotten rid of the ball before he got hit), but a good play to get away and get rid of the ball without taking a sack.

2:49 PM
I'm not a big fan of out-routes. Why? Because they're so very easy to jump. The Dolphins just had an 11-yard completion on an out-route... that could very easily have been a pick-6 the other way.

2:52 PM
Another Dolphins turnover. Nice. That's, what, four now? This is unbelievable. Just a really sloppy game from Miami - not the kind of game you want to have in the playoffs.

2:54 PM
20-3 now after the McClain touchdown. What are the Ravens good at? Running the ball up the middle. No trickery, no stunts. Line it up and shove it down the other team's throat. So what are the Ravens doing? They're running the ball up the middle. And (surprise!) it's working. It's amazing what happens when you do what you're good at.

3:04 PM
Good no-call by the officials on that last little scrum. The Ravens were being a little excessively rough, the Dolphins o-linemen didn't like it... I would have hated to see anybody get flagged for that. Except maybe Suggs... because he acted like a punk.

3:06 PM
Another interception. Another bad interception, no less. It's not like the Ravens defenders are making spectacular plays to pick these off! Pennington is just throwing bad passes, making bad decisions!

3:10 PM
"Pennington now has five picks in three career postseason games." Well... considering that four of those have come today... I'd say you maybe don't have quite enough information to establish a trend, do you?

3:16 PM
Davone Bess with the big gain! Aloha oy, y'all!

3:17 PM
And one commentator brings up the question of whether Miami should have
[WOW! that's a great catch by Ronnie Brown for the touchdown!]
gone for it on fourth and goal back in the first quarter... the other promptly rejects the idea.
[Ravens block the extra point.]

3:25 PM
The Ravens get the ball, up by two scores with twelve minutes left in the game. They have a 260-lb running back and a very good offensive line. So they throw the ball deep twice? I don't understand. Ravens go 3 and out.

3:31 PM
Mwha? Miami's offensive line disappears, and then Ted Ginn shuffles the ball backwards 24 yards.

3:35 PM
Baltimore has just looked faster, stronger, and smarter so far this afternoon. Worth noting, though: Joe Flacco is going to get a lot of hype for winning a playoff game as a rookie quarterback. His stats so far are... shall we say underwhelming? 8-21, 127 yards.

3:39 PM
Willis McGahee runs off right tackle for 48 yards. The Dolphins are just about dead here.

3:43 PM
Joe Flacco just impressed me. The quarterback draw was very well executed. Admittedly, though, I would have liked to see the Ravens run on the two plays before that, rather than passing. 27-9 Baltimore.

3:47 PM
"A pass downfield into triple coverage, in the area of David Martin." Sort of sums up the Dolphins on offense today, I think.

3:54 PM
...and it's a final. 27-9, Ravens. Have a great afternoon, everyone! I'll look forward to writing for you many more times throughout the year.

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